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Five stars go to Andrew Liszt.

When I first came to him, I was stressed, overworked, highly caffeinated, and just plain unhealthy. After only a few treatments, I feel fantastic. My stress is now alleviated, I feel healthier, and much more at ease.

Andrew has a combination of qualities I’ve found rare in health practitioners; his intellect equals his intuition, and he’s kind while being direct.

—Katherine P.

Incredibly Sincere

Andrew is an incredibly sincere and compassionate caregiver. Not only is he a great listener, he makes me feel taken care of. I first started seeing him for back pain. After years of prescription pills and unhelpful doctor visits, I’m pain free!!! He helped me change my life. Thank you,

—Greg L.

Back In Action

My respect for Andrew’s medical ability is profound. I have been suffering with diagnosed bulging L4 and L5 discs in my lower back. A Medrol dose pack and cortisone injection had NO effect. I had to stop taking Celebrex and other prescription drugs because they tore up my stomach. Immediately after my first acupuncture treatment with Andrew the pain stopped shooting down my leg. After the second visit I was virtually pain free!

—Linda N.

The Symptoms Are Gone

I developed allergies, sneezing, and eye pain a few years ago and over the counter medicine was no longer helping. After one treatment with Andrew I could breathe through my nose again. After five treatments all the symptoms are gone!

—Ally H.

On The Court Again

My ankle is much better after seeing Andrew. I’d hurt it years ago playing basketball and he helped reduce stiffness and greatly increased the range of motion after just the first visit. His excellent communication helped me understand what he was doing, making me feel instantly comfortable. Thanks so much for helping me!

—Nathan D.

What a Rarity

As a student of Chinese medicine and someone who has been treated by many practitioners, I appreciate what a rarity it is to find someone with as much knowledge, skill, and compassion as Andrew. I have continued to see him over the years for an array of health issues and have experienced amazing results.

—Simone M.

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Maya has been the most giving of all doctors I have ever met. During a herniation flare up in my first trimester of pregnancy, Maya was my saving grace. She was instrumental in giving me my health back and enabled me to enjoy my pregnancy and birth of my first child. Her treatments have done wonders for alleviating my lower back pain and helping me gain hormonal balance and a fast recovery post partum. Her sensitivity, intelligence and passion for understanding and helping her patients is truly remarkable.

—Crystal B.

Help with Pregnancy

Maya was absolutely wonderful support to me before and after my pregnancy. Not only is she a skilled practitioner, but her sweetness and compassion are incredibly comforting. I experienced a huge improvement in my postpartum symptoms. I absolutely recommend her for anyone looking for any support around women's health or pregnancy!

—Heather W.

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